Wedding Wishes

It was a blessing to be able to document Megan and Dustin’s beautiful day.  The day was gorgeous, the bride was beautiful, the food was wonderful and they were blessed with an abundance of family and friends who showed up to witness and celebrate there union.

We wish them a lifetime of more ups than downs, a few surprises to keep it interesting, laughter mixed with a few tears….and because you can’t really enjoy the blue skies without bearing a few days of clouds….this is also where I is turned into we and that’s really a beautiful thing.  Finally, a lifetime of God’s amazing grace

.dustin and Megan 123

.dustin and Megan 018 dustin and Megan 142 dustin and Megan 295 dustin and Megan 435 dustin and Megan 486

Kind of like a song

She’s kind of like a song.  Something whimsical with some surprises…a traveling song.

Neriah’s a sweet girl, very soulful, I suspect very strong, great style and killer blue eyes.

It was our pleasure to spend an afternoon this beautiful young lady.  The camera loves her and so do we.neriah 137_pp neriah 243 neriah 308_pp neriah 327_pp neriah 366_pp


If girls are like flowers, I would say Brette is sunflower.   Here’s why:

She’s tall, willowy and happy

She’s an athlete so there’s some toughness….sunflowers got to be tough to handle Kansas weather

Smart….yes, I think Sunflowers are smart….they point there pretty little heads to the sunshine.

Finally, she brings sunshine wherever she goes.

debra 2014 202 debra 2014 217 debra 2014 253 debra 2014 259 debra 2014 273 debra 2014 092

Goat Getter

If you got a goat Uncle Dean will try to get it.  If I had to guess I would say it’s one of his most favorite things…..”Getting people’s goats.”  This means that he’s ornery….ornery means that he might like to start a little trouble.  He’s really harmless, he just likes to have fun.  Most all of the time he’s smiling and he’s looking……looking for a way to get your goat.

I love Uncle Dean.  He’s got a big old heart and I don’t think there are many people who enjoy a good time as much as this fella. I have more than a few memories of sitting at the kitchen table and him telling him if I was ever in a pinch to call him.  There’s lots of reasons I’m blessed, tonight I feel particularly blessed to have an Uncle Dean.dustin and Megan 387


Organization, planning, leadership…..these are not skills that come naturally to me.  Experience and the school of hard knocks have taught me how important these attributes are, so I have cultivated these skills and most of the time I have them down.  It’s still requires a lot of brain power on my part.

I believe that God gives everyone certain talents, gifts….ways that they are uniquely special.  This is one of the primary reasons I love photography.  I get to meet these uniquely gifted people, with amazing talents that often times are completely foreign to me.

Kelsey is the kind of girl who willingly dives into challenges and leads. She is entirely organized, a strategic planner,  natural born leader and I am in awe.  These are precious gifts and I have no doubt that Kelsey will be generous and selfless in sharing.

I sincerely hope to keep track of Kelsey as she makes her way because I know this girl is going to do amazing things.

kelsey 2014 124_pp kelsey 2014 235_pp kelsey 2014 256 kelsey 2014 274_pp kelsey 2014 355 kelsey 2014 364_pp

Everything Nice

    Sugar and spice and everything nice

Wishes and dreams,

She’s more than she seems

Sipping tea and playing ball

Picks herself right after a fall

Make believe and play pretend

Her imagination has no end

Strong and brave and sweet and smart

Describing her, that’s just the start

Embrace yourself and watch out world

For this amazing little girl.

jurnie 2014 026 jurnie 2014 022 jurnie 2014 019 jurnie 2014 009

All the Colors

She’s the kind of girl who uses all the colors in the box.  Her interests and passions run deep and wide.   I predict her life to be an adventure with dull moments few and far between.

My favorite picture is the one with the glasses…..kind of Clark Kent….. still waters run deep thing.

Her creativity, imagination and enthusiasm are inspirational.  No box or limitations mindset….a hero in the making.

.Ashley Aug 16th 008 Ashley Aug 16th 063_pp Ashley Aug 16th 159_pp Ashley Aug 16th 343 Ashley Aug 16th 383 Ashley Aug 16th 408_pp ashley senior 2 017 ashley senior 2 065


I think that when I’m old and have forgotten more than I remember I will still be able to recall Jacob. He is a firecracker in the best sense of the word, he lights up a room.  He reminds me of a couple of my hero’s. The kind of guys the world doesn’t see coming….these fellas are fearless, authentic, not really concerned with what you think and pushed with an inward motor that just doesn’t stop.  

We had a great time shooting Jacob, probably smiled and laughed more than he did.  Thank you for the joy and God bless .

taco 2014 043_pp taco 2014 138 taco 2014 220_pp taco 2014 224_pp

Bright and Shining

Brian checks all the boxes for a great guy.  He’s a cutie, smart, well spoken, charming and has a plan.  Add to that a love of his country and community and we our inspired.  Brian is a prime example of why we love senior portraits.  In our time with Brian we caught a glimpse of a young mans depth, character, richness of soul and beauty both inside and out.  

Brian N. 011_pp Brian N. 127_pp Brian N. 163_pp Brian N. 182_pp

Living the Dream

Brett has a smile that lights up a room and it always seems like he’s been saving it just for you.  You ever meet those charming people that always say the just the right thing?  Brett’s one of those people ( he can also rap, dance, and is a beast on the basketball court).  Laughter is easy with Mr. Wright, and his work ethic and determination inspire even the old folks like us. Add to all that…. he is kind, and we love him. We are excited to see what the future holds for Brett.  We know it will be wonderful.  

.IMG_5383_pp IMG_5430_pp IMG_5515_pp